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we know we can make it through

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The best and newest Degrassi : The Next Generation RPG around !!

The first time that you break a rule, you will recieve a warning. The next time that you break a rule, you'll be suspended for two weeks.

1) You ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY must have good grammar, good punctuation, good, spelling, etc. We aren't gangstas, thus, we speak well. Also, PLEASE DON'T TALK LIKE THIS! It sounds like you're yelling, which isn't good.

2) When speaking "Out of Character," you must type like this: (( OOC: blah blah )). That way, people don't get confused on whether or not the actual you is saying it or if your character is saying it.

3) The minimum length of each post your character makes is one paragraph. NO ONE LINERS.

4) You must have a separate account to use for your character.

5) You must post once a week. State on whether or not you are DEFINITELY going to be able to post that week (due to vacationing, etc.). If you don't report back to the mods and other RPers, your character will become available. This cannot be undone.

6) Please claim your character by posting a request for that character. First come, first serve. No exceptions.

7) Please do not make things happen that aren't reasonable. (For example, Emma wouldn't randomly dump Chris and date Spinner. That's TOTALLY unreasonable.)

8) Things don't always have to be "just so," such as Ellie doesn't always have to be dating Sean. However, that doesn't mean that she'd suddenly start dating Jimmy.

9) You may host your own events (i.e. parties, semi-formals, etc.), however only one at a time . Too many events at once by the same user equals C-O-N-F-U-S-I-O-N with a capital 'c'.

10) It's not required, but it's preferred that you have an AIM SN for your particular character. I would enjoy holding a chat one day !!

11) Most of all, have FUN. I seem a little bit uptight, however abiding by the rules makes it even more fun for everyone. Good luck! You can reach the main moderator at ToTaL HaTe 95 xx (AIM) or marisaok1@hotmail.com .

Grade 10:
Ellie Nash - LJ: ___ellie AIM: xxellienash
Marco Del Rossi - LJ: quemarcomarco AIM: Kofounder
Ashley Kerwin - LJ: xxpunkashxx AIM: AshestoAshesK
Terri McGreggor - OPEN
Paige Michalchuk - LJ: xPxMxSx AIM: xSexoxKittenx
Gavin "Spinner" Mason - LJ: spinnerfied AIM: SPiNNERFiED
Craig Manning - LJ: - r0ck_manning AIM: r0ck0ncM
Jimmy Brooks - OPEN
Hazel Aden - OPEN

Grade 9:
Sean Cameron - LJ: xxseanxcameronx
Manny Santos - LJ: sexysantos AIM: x SeXySaNtOs x
James-Tiberius (JT) Yorke - LJ: y0rke AIM: xXy0rkeXx (MOD)
Emma Nelson - LJ: xemma_nx AIM: xSparkleSpazz
Liberty Van Zandt - OPEN
Toby Isaacs - OPEN
Chris Sharpe - OPEN
Amy - OPEN

Grade 8:
Kendra Mason - OPEN
Nadia - OPEN

Grade 12:
Dylan Michalchuk - OPEN

Alex - OPEN
Jay - OPEN
Archie "Snake" Simpson - OPEN
Christine "Spike" Nelson-Simpson - OPEN
Joey Jeremiah - OPEN
Caitlin Ryan - OPEN
Angela Jeremiah - OPEN
Heather Sinclair - OPEN